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The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, with a comment PDF Печать E-mail
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28.05.18 12:32



The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation
   from Dzitsoev Zaur Kargoevich.
The address: - Vladikavkaz, ul. Tsokolayev, 2-a. kV. 71,
Tel. 89280658426

Being the head of the DSS from 1973 to 1978, the leading road construction department, I had to meet almost all the managers connected with the production sphere. My special attention and respect were attracted by: - ​​Director of Kazbek furniture company, Karsanov Kharitonovich Karsanov, Agriculture Minister Tedeev Pavel Rezoevich, Deputy Chairman of the Government Tabolov Arkady Kermenovich, as well as my immediate supervisor, Director of Sevosetinavtodor, from whom I learned skills to be an effective production manager.
    All these people were outstanding business executives and did everything to develop the economy of the republic. Their authority among colleagues and the population of the republic was unshakable. Respect and authority they earned their business. I must say that the "Seversetinavtodor" under the leadership of Tebloev BT. The Red Banner of the CPSU Central Committee was awarded, while other construction trusts not only did not fulfill their production plans, but were also hopelessly unprofitable. From this moment, with the assignment of the "sevosetinavtodor" of the Red Banner, the persecution of Tetlobov BT began. Organized checks in all divisions in search of sedition. Nowhere have they found anything, but Tebloyev was removed from office, and an amateur of left-wing incomes was appointed in his place. All these people, from time to time, lowered all the dogs, until they were all released from their posts. Only support and protection of the First Secretary of the CPSU Regional Committee, Kabaloeva B.E. allowed them to remain in their posts for many years.
In the light of Putin's measures to develop the Russian economy, such an aim is unattainable as long as the saboteurs and the Anglo-Saxon agents of influence are at work in the bowels of power. Therefore, I ask to give permission to the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania to create a commission and to investigate who and how removed those leading Ossetian leaders from power. There are involved not only careerists and envious business executives. From personal experience, I know that traces lead to the KGB in North Ossetia-Alania. We must give them to understand that they stop their criminal activities, starting with North Ossetia-Alania. The very first and terrible crime against the children of Beslan, gives us the moral right to cleanse the republic of this infection first.
If there are problems of a legal nature, then contact the State Duma for additional powers.
The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Republic
North Ossetia Alania

I ask you, to investigate who and on what grounds removed the most prominent economic leaders of the republic from their posts:
 - 1. Director of the furniture company "Kazbek", Karsanov Kazbulat Kharitonovich,
2. Minister of Agriculture Tedeeva Pavel Rezoevich,
3. Deputy Chairman of the Government of Tabolov Arkady Kermenovich,
4. Chairman of the "Sebosetinavtodor" Boris Timofeevich Tebloev.
Dzitsoev Z.K. 05/27/2018.



Tens and hundreds of Ossetians serve faithfully throughout the world "for honor and dignity". Alas, in the Republic itself the situation is worse. Correctly noticed by some fellow countrymen that in their republic the Ossetians became outcasts. The issue of the prosecution of the above-named professionals is only the peak of the Iceberg for the destruction of our national consciousness and has practically already trampled our honor and dignity. In this criminal process, hundreds and thousands of Ossetians lured by a piece are involved, like bread, weeping bitter male tears of Kosta Khetagurov in their poems, Doda, Khyuybady and others. / Dances of "kurdzina muryl". "I did not know næ wasmæ fætæra" /. Today the situation has reached its climax. For a career in Ossetia, the wife must be Russian or Jewish, at the very least - willingness to steal or take bribes. For example, Sergei Tabolov's wife was Russian, but he turned out to be an "incorrigible" patriot and he was killed by an arranged accident. It seems that the times of the hated ruler, sent from Moscow, have returned, which arranged the persecution of our national traditions, including the burial ritual. The same thing happened in the tsar's time. There were creators of "Ossetian traditions", outlining struggle with strong drinks at wedding and ritual events. Many thousands of years ago, Ossetians passed the Chinese culture, including the rules of the feast with strong drinks. Until now, China has not renounced its traditions. Of course, getting drunk at a table, especially a ritual table, was never approved by the people. But they suffered from necessity, taking into account the realities of life. Who is this leader, fyiyyu, who will lead us to freedom and to light, to the revival of man's honor and dignity. No Ossetian, whatever position he occupies - large or scanty - is not free from preserving himself as an Ossetian, in accordance with the standards of honor and conscience - æğádau æмæ æfsarm. Not fehuyyston machi zægæt.

He that hath ears, let him hear.



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