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A ballad about how I became an agent of Trump, USA. PDF Печать E-mail
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06.06.18 22:05

Why did the word "ballad" come into my head? I do not know myself. It turns out that this concept was used in the relation of the Ossian Odin and his aces. The meaning of the word has different interpretations in different languages, but common in all languages ​​is stories about something unusual. which goes beyond the limits of generally accepted phenomena and facts. 1. In this sense, probably, there is an explanation, as will be seen below, why I used this concept. Because it is unusual, for the first time, I started talking about the hegemony of British intelligence in North Ossetia. This is evident from my appeal to the prosecutor's office of Russia and Ossetia, who persecuted the brightest, most effective economic leaders, known to me personally not by hearsay: - Karsanov Kazbolat, Tedeev Pavel, Arkady Tobolov and Boris Tebloev.
  2. I first pointed out the names of British royal intelligence agents in Ossetia and Russia. For everything, the term ballad begs by itself.
 So, the agent of influence, Baraev Volodya from the Ministry of Nature Protection, who blocked my efforts to implement in the Ossetia, for flood protection, my developments to protect the banks of rivers from erosion, which I managed to build on many river sites 30-40 years ago. They withstood all the floods, including the most catastrophic flood of 2002, when they washed away not only the coast, but also bridges. By the way, only one bridge built by me behind Digora on the territory of "mindystin" was the only one for the dvizheniya vehicles between Digora and Chikola. On the territory of Ossetia, under my personal guidance, about 30 bridges were built, none of which was damaged in 2002. In passing I can point out that the first tunnels on our roads were also built under my personal control and management. Including the tunnel under the village Byz.
    So, Barayev V. called me an agent of Trump. I told him that I would be happy to be his agent, so that Russia and Ossetia would follow the path of economic revival.
     The question arises, why the richest in terms of natural and intellectual resources - Russia - among the laggards. The answer lies on the surface. The state does not need to promote some kind of ideological concept. The state, initially, was built by the Atlanteans for successful economic and cultural development. What happened in the history of statehood were not accidental phenomena, Civilization has accumulated enough experience and knowledge in order to restore statehood to its original meaning.
     And for this we need not ideological concepts, but elementary "Common sense". This is what allowed the US to become the richest and most powerful power. Therefore, the views of the Chekist Putin lead Russia to an abyss, and not to development and prosperity. The concept of the "Russian world" is a time bomb for the Russian world. We all, including everyone personally, should return Russia to the zone of "Common sense". The problem is not only in the economic tragedy of Russia, but also in the moral and moral disintegration of the population. In the USSR, everyone learned to lie about "good" intentions. Today they no longer lie in such a package. Today they simply steal, as in the days of Saltykov Shchedrin. Putin is the guarantor of such a policy. By the way, Putin criticizes the opposition in the absence of proposals to improve the situation. And what other proposals deserve Putin's attention? Riddle ?!

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