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12.06.18 10:40

Boomerang launched by some Western forces into the territory of Russia in the format of the export of communism, returned to the West. This two-edged ideological weapon has minted millions of Russians. This is the reality of the modernity of the last centuries. War and intelligence have become a source of corruption, under the screen of "business." As in Russia, corruption has become public, and in the West, especially in the United States. The plague of communism, invented by Marx in the form of an impartial scientific analysis, has become the mechanism of zombification of millions of Russians. They are frozen consciousness. They are many and pointlessly come up with colorful, many-hour speeches. The heyday of such a policy of the West fell on the Brezhnev period It was the Golden Time of Brezhnevism. some imitation of the Golden Horde. During this period, Anglo-Saxon intelligence occupied all state structures in the USSR. All political and state decisions had as their goal the inhibition of economic development. The consequence was the destruction of the positive trend in the economy. The collapse of the USSR, or rather, the dissolution of the USSR by the three Slavic leaders, became inevitable. The regional leaders of the USSR met such a decision with profit for themselves. By this time, the moral decay of the leading communities of the USSR was a fact. They were pleased with the opportunity to gain independence from the Kremlin. The USSR became a criminal state by that time. Andropov's attempt to stop this process resulted in the mysterious death of Andropov.
What did the Bolsheviks build during their reign? They built state capitalism according to the theory of Marx. The concept of "capitalism" sucked from the finger of Marx. Capital is a natural means of business, economic success. Call it capitalism in meaning absurd. On the contrary, the economic success of the West would have been impossible without democracy. This was understood in the USSR during Gorbachev-Yeltsin. But democracy for them was a virtual phenomenon, it did not become a life conviction. That is why Yeltsin came to power thanks to democratic sentiments, did not include in the power of a single democrat, except for the one who at one time gave him his place in the parliament. Yeltsin chose as his support officialdom, fostered in the USSR. These criminals, with the psychology of thieves state-owned property were concerned not about Russia's economic development, but personal, selfish interests, which Putin calls "state interests."
Thus, the Bolsheviks turned the people into their living capital, as an expendable material for building real socialism. This was the creation of state capitalism, when it was not finance, but the people were capital. Obviously, such a system was antinational in nature, disguised as the "country of people's democracy." It is clear that in such conditions people had to be treated and taught for free, because the people did not have the means to pay for treatment and education. Such conditions became an ideal condition for the well-being of bureaucracy, cultivated by Western agents, as agents of influence. Thus, Russia has lost self-identification. The owner of Russia today is this agency of influence.
As a pretext for exposing this reality, Anglo-Saxon intelligence organized a political assassination of fugitive Russians, and Russia's suspicions of organizing these murders.
It is clear that all this is very important for assessing modern phenomena and processes. With the support of such an awareness there is a chance, an opportunity for Russians to become masters in their own country and to start a positive development, first of all the economy and well-being of citizens. If we disregard the truth, then the heirs of Bolshevism will bring us to the next civil war. Just as Lenin did in his time with his slogan: "The overgrowth of the imperialist war in a civil war." It is no accident that Putin creates new fronts and bribes the law enforcement agencies. For such mafia personalities as Putin, today Russia is a swamp where bugs, thieves, and bershees are raised. In fact, Russia is already on the eve of a new civil war. The practices of civil war in Ukraine are already being worked out.
Is there any alternative to rolling into unbroken Russia. There is. This is Ksenia Sobchak. Missed the information that 82% of Russians under no circumstances will vote for Ksenia Sobchak. If this is true statistics, then in this case, the presence of the remaining 12% in Russia is a huge chance, it is a chance that there is a layer of clever, honest people in Russia capable of leading Russia and saving from ruin and corruption.
The FSB is a branch of the CIA. This began even under Stalin. Having studied thoroughly the character of Stalin, they introduced him earlier
recruited agent - Beria

The topic probably has important scientific significance and there is a need to decipher some of Marx's "scientific" secrets in modern interpretation. This is especially important for protecting the new generation from the "scientific" errors of Marx. A significant part of our intelligentsia knew little about the classics of Marxism, but the lecturers of Marxism inspired them with the fundamental scientific perversions of Marx on the basis of the clergy and morality. The main and main philosophical idea of ​​Marx is formulated from three words; - "The past determines the mind" We need, blood from the nose, to find a way between these three pines. The intelligentsia of the West engaged in real economic and everyday affairs, at a high professional level. So they became what they were. Maybe. there in the West formed its own set of values, when the weak, inept and ugly, more successful peers tertied at the domestic level. Is not that why they so often offended young people take up arms and shoot at the abusers. Let them deal with their own problems. We were in such shameful shit that let's get out together and together. And as it turns out, starting each citizen should start with himself, and specifically with his consciousness induced by real socialism. It is very difficult for the weak in spirit and body. We will not disturb them. On the contrary, they have maximum sympathy and respect. And for healthy and motivated young people. starting with the school bench, it is necessary to say directly that to be an unprofessional in the case to which he decided to dedicate his life is an unworthy business and one must be ready to live with this yoke at heart. In the USSR, workers who criticized the conditions and orders were called blasphemers. They were persecuted, expelled from work and positions. Professional machine operators, turners, teachers, doctors, understood that sticking out of the general mass is dangerous. Therefore, their bosses were not very indulgent, but they were compelled to do so. However, like their colleagues. Students with medals were the object of ridicule, envy and disrespect.
 These are all consequences, not accidental, but logical from the idea of ​​building communism. For some reason, these politicians did not eliminate socialism in their families. Moreover, the children of the workers and the croissants quietly despised their parents. They only pretended to be caring sons and daughters. The Bolsheviks failed to destroy, liquidate the "people's eyes". Just like today, state husbands are trying to identify themselves at the mourning events of famous people. In a poor family they even disdain to look and comfort. If these thirsty authorities arranged for their own communism. then only not at the expense of their work, but by theft.
  So, back to our pines. To abandon the norms of morality, Marx realized early on that it was impossible to do it alone. It was necessary to create their followers. The first step he did when he called "religion opium." But what prompted the young Marx to undertake such a universal cause? About this he involuntarily blabbed in a letter to some figure. Marx wrote that he gave the bourgeoisie such a blow in science. from which they never recover. But why did Marx hate the bourgeois, the most active and successful part of society? We could know this reliably, if his child was not so secret. But we have a way out of experience and life observation. Why are the lackeys in growth, so eager to outwit and destroy the tall and successful ones? Ambition, envy! It is obvious that in the tall German people there was not even a cortea to Marx, but an indirect hint of this physical disability. Are Putin and Medvedev, with Stalin, Lenin and the "blackberry", an exception to this rule? Korotishy. this is known by itself. but it's necessary to strain yourself tall and healthy. It is not by chance that Lenin borrowed "hatred" from Marx from the bourgeoisie, and Lenin boasted that he was afraid to give his hand to the representatives of the bourgeoisie.
  Recently I read about an episode in the behavior of young Marx. He frequented the scientific library and came 30 minutes before the opening. When the library was closed, it was possible to expel Marx from the druzh from the library. This is already the stage of the formation of the "idea-fix". Marx decided to find a theory on the "exposure" of the bourgeoisie, whom he defined in one word - the capitalists, the bourgeois. For a normal "capitalist", money and capital are not a means of gaining money, but an opportunity to create products and products. But there is not and can not be a guarantee that only people with good goals and intentions get into the business. Of course, business attracted people of different suits.
  We can make the first and important observation of how Marx formed as a person. He made a logical conclusion on his formed consciousness and psychology that consciousness is determined by life. It was his own, alien, divine spark that he himself formed, like his philosophy. In the USSR, his followers, who seemed quite decent and honest, dedicated their lives to serving the Devil. One such diploma convinced me that social processes are carried out according to the law of "denying negation" and the law of opposing forces. He / they / learned, learned it. the philosophy of Marxism.


Thus, their consciousness disconnected from them as an unnecessary appendix. With this consciousness, this "intelligentsia" is playfully and easily turned into careerists and thieves of the state budget. Persistent vdalblivanie evolutionary theory of the emergence of man, instead of creation. The British Queen's goal is to destroy Russia economically and politically. The best performer for such a project, than Putin, is very difficult to find.
 The theory of scientific cognition in the first part of the "natural conclusion theory" of Nikolai Abaev says that for a reliable scientific conclusion one must proceed from at least two tolerances, out of two arguments. This is set forth in his theory under the concept of "triangle proof". By the way, this correlates with the method of Euclid, the founder of modern logic. It was Euclid, not Aristotle, who created a system of calculi comprehensible to the average man, understood by some as a hemetic phenomenon. Let's return with the theory of Nikolai Abaev. It is clear that these two arguments should not be derived or adjacent to each other.
 Marx under his theory summed up, only one argument known to all Soviet Marxist philosophers. That capitalism with profits of 300 or more percent does not stop at any crime.
 And where is the second pressing argument of the antipolisical order. Namely, whether, was this capitalist an honest man before he began to "falsify" such profits. No manufacturer can confirm and there is no real in life to receive such profit without fraud and fraud.
 Thus, Marx, with the support of a single, sucked-out argument, decided to make mankind happy with his theory. Exactly the same approach in his book "My Struggle" Hitler appointed himself the Fuhrer of the German nation. Allegedly because in all criminal communities in Germany was a Jew. And the rest of the participants of crimes from among the Germans Marx issued a label of decency. The Jews are guilty, and the Germans are only victims. Both Marx and Hitler, like their followers, put a huge blood experiment on the peoples. The payment for the rejection of God and from human benefactors was worth millions of victims. That is why, the CPRF and their like-minded people, the Chekists and their informers, insist so persistently that they win victory in the Second World War, as the triumph of justice, as the triumph of Good over Evil.
 Marx's "scientific" crimes are not limited to this. It was Marx who created the theory of anti-Semitism, for he saw in Jewry an irresistible barrier to the realization of his idea-fix.
  And from the point of view of common sense, Marx justified his theory in limiting scientific and technical achievements. This idiot did not even bother and could not think what was between theory. practice and spirituality must be harmony.
 Violations of the harmony of civilization development have put humanity on the brink of self-destruction.

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